What enhances your comfort
enhances your performance.


Professional cyclists rely on team soigneurs to dial in their comfort and performance with muscle-warming massages. Dedicated to the athlete’s needs, soigneurs pack bags, prepare food, schedule flights, drive vans, hand up food, calm nerves and rub legs. The rest of us have to be more resourceful.

At Soigneur we create products that enhance your athletic experience, motivate you to start your workout, enjoy the ride, and recover more quickly.

We don’t see the point in struggling when you don’t have to. That means pre-warming your legs with Soigneur embrocation before heading out into the cold, indulging in a generous pre-ride application of Soigneur Chamois Cream to keep friction, irritation and saddle sores at bay and tender bits happy, and a post-exercise application of Soigneur embrocation to soothe tired, aching muscles.

Privateer or a pro, your body deserves the same high level of care and professional respect. But most of us aren’t pros. That’s why we created Soigneur. We are your soigneur.